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Kevin Clutter launched CMS in 2012 to deliver customized solutions for the environmental, health, and safety compliance needs of our clients. After more than 20 years of working in consulting, private companies, and industry trade groups, Kevin decided there must be a better way to offer such specialized services in a non-biased manner that balances the technical, legal, regulatory, and business concerns of our clients. Together with a network of other professionals, CMS strives to develop client-specific long-term strategies to enable business to continue uninterrupted due to unforeseen issues, incidents, and government restraints.


  • Air quality evaluations and permitting for confined animal feeding operations, farms, and other agricultural facilities – including air quality studies and new facility design and construction
  • Air emissions evaluation and permitting for new asphalt re-paving process to be introduced to southern California
  • Air emissions evaluation and permitting for two bulk rice drying facilities in northern California
  • Air emissions evaluation and permitting for PM-10, VOC, NOx, CO, and SOx emissions for boilers, dryers, and various processing equipment in industrial processing facilities throughout California
  • Air quality evaluations and permitting for industrial processing facilities
  • Developed comprehensive health and safety programs and provided training for feed mill operations personnel of large hog producer in Midwest
  • Comprehensive review and update of health and safety programs and facility operations for large scale rice milling, rice drying, and warehousing operations near Sacramento and Colusa, California
  • Focused health and safety review of written safety programs and facility operations for biomass power plant in northern California
  • Conduct supervisor and employee training on most topics, conduct noise and dust exposure surveys, perform accident investigations
  • Conduct post-accident and incident investigations regarding personal injury to employees in industrial facilities and agricultural operations. Specific experience also in evaluating contributing causes to grain fires and grain dust explosions in feed mills, flour mills, pet food facilities, grain elevators, etc.
  • Prepare safety plans and programs (IIPPs, confined space, forklift, lockout/tagout, hazard communication, respiratory protection, hearing conservation, etc.) for multiple industrial and agricultural sector clients
  • Wastewater and storm water permitting and compliance for industrial facilities - including reports of waste discharge (ROWDs), ongoing monitoring reports, annual reports, and regulatory liaison
  • Storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) for a 10 mile linear alignment freeway expansion overseen by Cal/Trans and Los Angeles Metro Transit Authority in Los Angeles, California
  • Spill prevention control and countermeasures plan (SPCC), SWPPP, and storm water sampling for heavy industrial construction yard in Vallejo, California and for large concrete pre-fabrication yard in Antioch, California
  • SWPPPs for feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, bakery products processing plants, pet food manufacturing facilities, steel deck manufacturing plants, construction yards – California, Arizona, and Washington
  • California WDR/NPDES permitting and compliance for confined animal feeding operations and other agricultural facilities – including annual reports, waste management plans, and reports of waste discharge (ROWDs)
  • Air permitting, storm water compliance/SWPPP, facility response plan (oil spill planning), and Facility Security Plan (U.S. Coast Guard/Homeland Security) for inland port terminal in Stockton, California
  • SPCC for large reservoir dam retrofit project, Folsom, California
  • SPCCs for construction yards at multiple wastewater treatment plant construction sites in southern California
  • SPCCs for two remote power plants in central California
  • SPCC and tank inspection review for large glass manufacturing facility in Fresno, California
  • Feasibility assessment and permitting review of wastewater evaporation and disposal considerations for industrial vegetable oil processing plant in northern California and for boiler water disposal for dairy feed mill in Central California
  • Feasibility assessment, process and permitting review, and implementation for wastewater disposal at specialty cheese manufacturing facility in Barstow, California
  • Land use and air permits for new industrial processing facilities, agricultural processing facilities, and confined animal feeding operations
  • Land use and compost permits for new poultry manure composting operation, Turlock, California
  • Land use and air permits, EIR for proposed ethanol plant, Imperial, CA
  • Comprehensive environmental compliance audit for a plastics manufacturing facility, Fontana, California
  • Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments and environmental transaction screens for industrial, commercial, and commercial properties
  • Landfill soil gas probe installations, Stockton and French Camp, CA
  • Watershed pesticide leaching study, Sierra and Stanislaus National Forests, CA
  • Underground storage tank soil and groundwater investigations for fuel stations, municipal operations yards, farm maintenance facilities, etc.